D-103-Color - Iguana Watchface Design

Iguana Watchface Design
Perfect Design for your Smartwatch
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Free Watchfaces
Digital, Analog, Digilog, Sporty, Modern, Elegant or Realistic.
Here you will find the pefecte Watchface for Samsung
Galaxy Watch, Gear S3 and Gear Sport!
And if not, suggestions are always welcome!
Digital Watchface

       Digital Watchface

  • AM/PM is displayed
  • Date: Month, Day and Weekday
  • Stepcounter
  • Distance in Km/Miles
  • Floors
  • Heart rate
  • Burned Calorie
  • Battery Level
  • Background colors can be changed

This is a 12h and 24h hour version (KM/Miles).
Automatic settings on the watch,
based on your phone system settings!
Description see pictures.
In the pictures you can see how the colors are adjusted.

This Watchface was created with Galaxy Watch Designer 1.7.1
and does not support the Gear S2!
Perfect Designs for your Smartwatch
Iguana Watchface Design
Iguana Watchface Design
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